PWL Stainless Cartridge Filters

HiFlux PWL & PW Cartridge Filters are used where there is a need for reliable and precise fine filtration with a large dirt capacity. The filter housings are designed for a working pressure of 10 bar (PWL 7 bar) and equipped with a simple and secure closing system which makes it quick to change filter cartridges, thereby maximising the time the filters are in operation.

A compact design and the maximum number of built-in filter cartridges ensure the best possible flow and consequently a small differential pressure, long intervals between cartridge changes and lower energy consumption.

The filter housing, which is designed in accordance with the pressure vessel norm, is supplied in stainless acid-proof SUS316 steel.

The filterhousings are equipped with supporting tubes to give the cartridges a better tolerance when it comes to diffential pressure and temperature.

The filter housings are electropolished to achieve a smooth and uniform surface which is easy to clean and maintain.

Not included in the catalogue is the product range of HiFlux cartridge filters and special filter cartridges for high temperature/pressure uses, e.g. for condensate at 220 oC and 53 bar.

For other options see also HiFlux TP, HiFlux TWP and HiFlux Micro-Line filters.

Capacity 1 - 42 m3/h
Filtration 0,2 -300 micron
Pressure 7 bar
Applications Industry

Product specifications

HiFlux standard cartridge filters type PWL are supplied in stainless acid-proof SUS316 steel. The surfaceis electropolished on the inside and outside.


*) The capacity is based on a viscosity of 1 cSt and is not affected by cartridge type, degree of filtration in microns or dirt load.

Additional information


30 – 2000 µm


16 bar


4,5 – 243 m3/h

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    Filtration 0,2 - 300 µm
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