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We are looking for new partners


Are you our new partner in Europe?

We are always looking for new partners in the countries, we are not represented in. Our goal is to expand our business and create value for our customers with filtration solutions of high quality. Our partner network consists of very skilled companies with a great experience and knowledge about filtration solutions to the hygienic and industry sector.

You can see our partner network here.

Why filtrate?

We develop and manufacture quality filtration solutions, that retain particles in liquids.

We create value by:

  • Protecting production facilities from losses and risks
  • Refine products and increase efficiency in processes
  • Contribute to increased sustainability

Facts for the Auto-line® automatic self-cleaning filter

HiFlux Auto-line® filter has been designed as a compact, self-cleaning filter. The sturdy construction of the filter makes it well suited for applications in which operational reliability and dependability are essential.

  • Modular design concept with customized design
  • Wide range of addons
  • Heavy duty and high quality
  • Reliable automatic filter with few moving parts
  • 6 filter sizes (M, ML, L, XL, XXL, VLR)
  • Linear & rotating scraping
  • Industrial & hygienic design
  • Filter element in Wedge wire, Perforated & Laser bore elements
  • Flexible sealing system
  • Long service life
  • All spare parts available
Auto-line automatic filter:
  • Easy installation
  • High Quality product
  • Proven reliability
Better profitability:
  • Completely automate the filtration process
  • Reduce product loss
  • Secure product filtration
  • Re-usable filter elements
Improved work environment:
  • Eliminate contact with product
  • Easy to operate
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Long service life

Did you know?

The Auto-line filter solutions has a wide range of specifications and can be customised to the requirements from our customers in order to filtrate according to their specific needs.

  • Filtration from 30 µm to 1 mm.
  • Capacity from 12 to 1000 m3/h
  • Several thousand filtration solutions delivered through our partners.
  • More than 25 different Auto-line filter versions