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Partners in Sweden:

Filtersystem Scandinavia AB

Ångströms väg 12
S-855 61 Kovland

T: +46 070-666 7370


Main contact:
Hans Vesterlund
T: +46 70 666 7370

Jonas Rutgerson
T: +46 70 366 1365

Jens Vesterlund
T: +46 70 958 4477

Filtersystem Scandinavia AB represents two internationally renowned manufacturers of water filters and liquid filters. We specialize in automatic self-cleaning filters and offer a very wide range of manual filters for all conceivable liquid systems in industrial operations. With our extensive knowledge of various applications, we ensure optimal conditions in water and liquid systems where reliability and safety are important.

Processor AB
Box 8011
163 08 Spånga

T: +46 8 564 722 60

Värmeväxlare, Kyltorn, Vätskefilter, Pumpar

Utrustning för små och stora kapaciteter i olika materialkvaliteter.