About HiFlux Filtration A/S

HiFlux Filtration A/S – specialist in filtering liquids

HiFlux Filtration A/S is a Danish company, specializing for 60 years in the supply of filtering solutions for the processing industries and the energy sector.

Since the very beginning in 1959 the production has increased steadily, and today the company offers a wide range of standard filters and solves a lot of special tasks tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

Experience and expert knowledge

Consultancy service and problem solving are important parts of the company’s activities.
Customers of HiFlux Filtration A/S benefit from the long-time experience and expertise within filtration of liquids.

Quality and service are keywords at HiFlux Filtration A/S.

The company emphasises the importance of always delivering high quality products no matter whether it is a question of delivery of standard filter products or customised solutions.

Controlled by the Danish authorities

HiFlux Filtration A/S is among other things providing filters for the food industry and is therefore subject to control by the Danish authorities.

Read the latest control report about HiFlux Filtration A/S (in danish)