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Heco Filtration is now HiFlux Filtration A/S

Marts 2016

Heco Filtration changes its name and relocates

Denmark’s leading producer of industrial filters changes its name to HiFlux Filtration and moves to a new domicile. However, Hedensted remains the domicile of the global company.

In the future, the name HiFlux Filtration will adorn the facade of the new address Lundagervej 25A at Hedensted. More space in the form of an extra 600 square metres and the possibility to optimize both production and administration, made the decision about moving easy but also necessary, the managing director Svend K. Andersen points out,.

”We need more space, if the strategy of continued growth shall be carried into effect. Now we have secured the perfect facilities and with that good starting point. At the same time we maintain the strong local connection because we are and will remain a Hedensted company. There is a fine business climate here, the majority of our employees live in this area and the cooperation with the municipality is commendable” the director says and adds that they will now also be separated geographically from Heco International with whom they have previously shared the address at Hecovej. Svend K. Andersen and the local businessman Vagn Clausen bought Heco Filtration A/S from the Cornelius family in 2013, and since then Heco International has also been sold.

”That is the reason why we have chosen to change our name now. Heco Filtration is a well-known brand in Denmark, but abroad it is primarily the product names that are recognized. HiFlux is already the name of one of our products and it has a good ring in relation to the target group. Preferably it should provide us with a sharper profile, both domestically and abroad”.

Ready for growth

The 2000 square metres at our disposal in the future also make room for growth on the part of employees. Expansion of the staff of the technical department is imminent, and Svend K. Andersen expects that they will gain further shares on all markets in the coming years.

”During the past 12 months we have made a targeted effort to develop and update our product programme. A more specific access to the usability of each individual filter provides more opportunities for both the customers and us”, he concludes and continues that the next generation of 3D CAD will be implemented in the project department to further increase the cooperation and service level.

”What brings us forward is the customers. Therefore we pay much attention to their challenges and wishes. Development of solutions adapted to the customers is a great part of our dna”.

Relocation, change of name AND a jubilee

Having more than enough to do at Hedensted at the moment is emphasized by the fact that at the same time as relocation and change of name, Svend K. Andersen also celebrates his 25th jubilee. It will take place at the new premises at Lundagervej 25A on Friday, 11 March 2016.

”We have several things to celebrate, so we take the opportunity to show our new premises before they are filled with machinery and other equipment. I look forward to seeing many customers and collaborators on that day”, a satisfied director concludes.

Filtre fra HiFlux Filtration

Fact about HiFlux Filtration A/S:

HiFlux Filtration A/S, established as Heco Filtration in 1959, services large parts of the industry with tailor-made filter solutions. Focus is on development and manufacture of liquid filters and the product programme counts more than 20,000 possible combinations. Advisory, problem solving, assembling and servicing are important elements of the company’s activities. HiFlux Filtration has distributors all over Europe and an independent department in the Netherlands.