Coarse Filters

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HiFlux Coarse filters are mainly used to protect pumps, valves, regulators, instruments, heat exchangers and other components in different process systems, as well as suction filters and salt and freshwater cooling systems. HiFlux Filtration A/S offers a large variety of coarse filters with in-line filters with low pressure loss. The filters are easy to service and operate, and are solidly constructed.

  • LSS 1 Strainer Filters

    Capacity 42 - 1140 m3/h
    Filtration 1 - 8 mm (RF 0,5 - 8 mm)
    Applications Industry
  • LSS 4 Strainer Filters

    Capacity 63 - 5280 m3/h
    Filtration 1 - 8 mm
    Applications Industry