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Professional filtration – Ice cream

HiFlux Auto-line® filters are specially designed for automatic filtration of ice cream

World leading company producing customized hygienic filter solutions. Increased food security, productivity and better profitability.

Auto-line® Automatic filter

Installed at many producers of ice cream, stick ice cream and wafer croissants. Our customers wanted a high degree of food safety, reduction of downtime and costs.

Before installation:
Cleaning manual filters regularly, high maintenance costs, downtime in production.

After installation:
Automatic process, increased productivity, minimal maintenance, no production stops.

Facts for the Auto-line® Automatic filter

Complies to the regulations EC1935/2004 and EU 10/2011, as well as the FDA standards. CIP friendly design with respect to the hygienic design recommendations by the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG).

HiFlux Auto-line® Filter has been designed as a compact, self-cleaning filter. The sturdy construction of the filter makes it well suited for applications in which operational reliability and dependability are essential.

Accurate filtration down to 30 micrometers [µm].


  • Removes unwanted particles
    High operational reliability.
  • Continuous flow process
    Self-cleaning application.
  • Ensures the quality
    Increased product safety.
  • Eliminates downtime
    Optimizing earnings.

Did you know?

When producing walnut ice cream and a consistent and homogenous amount of walnut bits are necessary for the manufacturing and filling process of walnut ice cream. A certain quantity of waste is produced during the initial procedure until the concentration reaches the desired level. There is no more need for the offcuts. The mass of the walnut ice cream and the pieces of walnut must be separated from one another in order for them to be used once more.

To achieve a very high level of hygienic protection, ice cream is produced industrially in closed systems. According to a recipe specified for each of the different varieties and flavors, the raw ingredients are balanced and premixed. The aforementioned results in the premix. The premix is broken down into small, fine components by the homogenizer under high pressure. As a result, the milk fat may be dispersed properly and the ice cream has a melt, that is creamy and smooth. After that, the ice cream mass is pasteurized. To stop undesired bacteria from surviving in the ice cream mix or from growing again later, it is quickly heated to 75 °C and then cooled down to 4 °C. To fully develop its aroma, the ice cream must then mature in refrigerator-safe containers. The ice cream is ultimately given its final composition in the freezer.

Custom requirements?

We have more than 60 years of experince in developing filtration solutions to many difference industries. If you have any special requests, we are looking forward to hear from you.

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Filtration of Cheese whey
Check out this animation video and see how the Auto-line self-cleaning filter is working.