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Professional filtration – Fish production

HiFlux Auto-line® filters are specially designed for automatic filtration of water from fish production.

World leading company producing customized industrial filter solutions. Increased security, production and better profitability.

Auto-line® Automatic filter

The Auto-line filter is being used at several fish farms in Europe and is filtering the fish lice away before the water is being returned back into the sea.

Before installation:
Cleaning manual filters regularly, high maintenance costs, downtime in production.

After installation:
Automatic process, increased productivity, minimal maintenance, no production stops.

Facts for the Auto-line® Automatic filter

HiFlux Auto-line® Filter has been designed as a compact, self-cleaning filter. The sturdy construction of the filter makes it well suited for applications in which operational reliability and dependability are essential.

Accurate filtration down to 30 micrometers [µm].


  • Removes unwanted particles
    High operational reliability.
  • Continuous flow process
    Self-cleaning application.
  • Minimize maintenance
    Increased productivity.
  • Eliminates downtime
    Prevents blocking up.

Did you know?

That, fish farming is one of the most effective food productions in the world. When producing salmon, the water consumption is only 1/3 compared to production of pigs.

Compared with other meat production based on concentrated feed, salmon farming provides a very effective utilization of the energy and protein in the feed

Custom requirements?

We have more than 60 years of experince in developing filtration solutions to many difference industries. If you have any special requests, we are looking forward to hear from you.