TWP Stainless Bag Filters

HiFlux Mini and TWP Bag Filters are used where there is a need for reliable fine filtration from 1 micron with a large dirt capacity. The filter housings are designed for a working pressure of 10 bar (Mini 8.5 bar) and equipped with a simple and secure closing system which makes it quick to change filter bags, thereby maximising the time the filters are in operation.

A compact design and a maximum built-in filter surface ensure the best possible flow and consequently a small differential pressure, long intervals between bag changes and lower energy consumption.

The filter consists of three main elements

  1. Filter housing which is designed in accordance with current pressure vessel norms and supplied in stainless acid-proof SUS316 steel (Mini EN 1.4404).
  2. The support strainer which gives the filter bag mechanical strength and ensures that the bag can resist a differential pressure of up to 1 bar. The support strainer is made of stainless acid-proof SUS316 steel to ensure durability.
  3. The filter bag is supplied in several material types and degrees of filtration. A special design in terms of stitching and choice of thread provides a robust filter bag without perforations.The filter material is selected after careful determination of the degree of filtration and maximum dirt capacity (see also data sheet for filter bags).

Filters of the TWP type can be supplied with the effective HiFlux magnetic system for retention of magnetic particles.

Products often filtered with bag filters

  • District heating water
  • Cooling water
  • Cleaning fluids
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Varnish
  • Cutting oils and emulsions
  • Galvanic baths
  • Glue
  • Waste water
  • Juice
  • Paint
  • Sugar solutions
  • Chemicals
  • Condensate
  • Vegetable oils
  • Cosmetic fluids
  • Process water
  • etc.

For other options see also HiFlux TP and HiFlux Micro-Line 1050 and Micro-Line 1050 SS filters.

Capacity 2 - 150 m3/h
Filtration 1 - 1000 µm
Pressure 10 bar
Applications Industry

Product specifications

HiFlux standard bag filters type TWP are supplied in stainless acid-proof SUS316 steel. The surface is electropolished on the inside and outside.

Capacity: (at a viscosity of 1 cStand 5 micron filtration)

* It is recommended that the filter installation shall be dimensioned on the basis of a differential pressure of 0.1 bar.
**) Capacity in m3/h at differential pressure

Additional information


30 – 2000 µm


16 bar


4,5 – 243 m3/h

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