Self-cleaning Filters KS-137

HiFlux KS-137 filters are designed as compact self-cleaning filters with many applications. The robust construction of the filter makes it suita-ble for cleaning practically all liquids, including tung oil, lubricating oil, bitumen, grease, paint, toothpaste, water, fermentation liquids, petrol, syrup, condensate, CIP liquids, antibiotic suspensions, etc.

The filter is used where continuous operation without interruption in the flow is desired. The cleaning process is initiated by manually activating the gear motor when the differential pressure has reached a level where cleaning is required. The dirt is compressed in the filter until it is drained away.

The filtration principle is based on an asymmetric edge-gap element, with the dirt particles being retained on the surface of the filter element.

In the cleaning cycle the filter insert rotates, making three fixed blades scrape the dirt off into a sludge chamber from where it is drained out of the filter at appropriate intervals. This results in defined absolute clean-ing of the filter and controlled drainage.

As the cleaning process does not require the filter to be blocked off from the rest of the system, the flow in the filter will continue during the scraping process. This means that the filter can work continuously, and that the flow is not interrupted during the cleaning process.

The cleaning process is started when the switch is activated. For some processes it may be that the scraping process is in operation continu-ously to ensure that the filter surface remains active and clean. Drain-age of the dirt takes place through the foot valve, which should be opened manually after a given number of scrapings or at suitable inter-vals. This means that the dirt is concentrated before it is pushed out of the filter, which reduces product loss significantly.

Normally drainage is carried out over a period of 1-3 seconds, during which time a minor drop in system pressure may occur. The liquid flow in the filter is only reduced by approximately 5-10% for the short inter-val in which drainage takes place.

In the design of the filter importance has been attached to making the construction robust and reliable. By limiting the number of moving com-ponents, wear and maintenance requirements are minimised. The sim-ple construction makes the filter so easy to service that there is no need for external assistance in this connection.

For other options see also Auto-line, Auto-line R, AKS-137 and MKS-137 filters.

Capacity 25 - 150 m3/h
Filtration 50 - 3000 µm
Pressure 16 bar
Applications Industry

Product specifications for self-cleaning filter

HiFlux standard filters type KS are supplied in acid-proof stainless steel EN

Auto-line KS 137

The self-cleaning KS edge-gap filter consists of a complete filter with gear motor, motor protection, on/off switch and two manometers for reading the differential pressure.

Capacity: (at a viscosity of 1 cStand as a pressure filter)

*) Capacity in m³/h / micron

The filter should be installed in systems which have a positive pressure of at least 0.1 bar in relation to the surroundings to ensure efficient sludge removal.

Additional information


30 – 2000 µm


16 bar


4,5 – 243 m3/h

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    Capacity 25 - 150 m3/h
    Filtration 50 - 3000 µm
    Applications Industry

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