Micro-line Unit

HiFlux Magnetic/Bag Filter Units are used where there is a need for a complete solution for removal of magnetic particles and combine the advantages of magnetic and bag filtration.

HiFlux Units are used for partial flow filtration in district heating and cooling installations, as both magnetic and non-magnetic particles of less than 1 micron can be retained in the filter.

Partial flow filtration is used where there is a requirement for continuous flow, also during filter cleaning. Efficient removal of dirt and magnetic particles from the liquid reduces the number of breakdowns in the system and increases the life of measuring equipment, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and other components significantly.

In partial flow filtration 5-15% of the total flow is led out of the system and pumped through the magnetic/bag filter, and is then led back to the system –cleaned of sludge and magnetite. As the partial flow filter is not located in the main circuit, the flow through the filter can be interrupted and the filter cleaned without interrupting the main flow.

Continuous reduction of the sludge content reduces sedimentation in heat exchangers, pipes and other components, helping to keep heat transmission performance at a maximum and reducing corrosion in the system. Error indication in mechanical measuring equipment and errors in connection with inductive measuring are also minimised, which is why it is possible to achieve more reliable energy consumption measurements.

The magnetic bars in the filter are located in conducting pipes which lead the liquid through a magnetic field generated by magnets with changing polarity. This induces a field around even the smallest particles and so provides efficient retention of particles of less than 1 micron. The filter will actively retain ferromagnetic particles and some iron oxides of the Fe3O4, g-Fe2O4, d-Fe2O3type and other mixed oxides of Fe3O4, where the spinel structure FeO is sub-stituted by other oxides, e.g. CoO, MnO, NiO, ZnO, Cr2O3.

Non-magnetic particles are retained efficiently in the filter bag. (See also data sheet for filter bags).

Capacity 2,4 - 210 m3/h
Filtration 1 - 100 µm
Pressure 10 bar
Applications Industry

Product specifications

Micro-line Unit

The HiFlux Micro-line Unit is designed as a complete unit for partial flow filtration in heating and cooling systems with a flow of 50 -200 m3/h in the main line.

The filter unit accommodates current standards and norms for pressure vessels, and is CE-marked. The unit is supplied complete with pump and filter with a magnetic bag insert fitted compactly on a galvanised base frame.

Capacity at 1 cSt and 10 micron filtration:

  • Micro-line Unit:                7.5 m3/h at 5.0 mVs (design flow)
  • Micro-line HiFlux Unit:  10 m3/h at 6.5 mVs (design flow)

The integrated unit is fully tested and is quick and easy to install.

A differential pressure indicator can be fitted as an optional extra (see separate datasheet for differential pressure indicator). The filter has also been prepared for installation of a trickle circuit for connection of a pH-electrode for an automatic chemical dosage system.

Additional information


30 – 2000 µm


16 bar


4,5 – 243 m3/h

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