HG Coarse Filters

HiFlux HG Coarse Filters are mainly used for protection of pumps, valves, regulation equipment, instruments, heat exchangers and other components in various process systems.

The filter, which can be used both as a suction filter and as a pressure filter, is constructed in accordance with current standards and norms for pressure vessels.

A compact design which is supplied with straight flow as standard. The filter can also be supplied with right-left flow, or, as a special version, with bottom intake.

The filter housing is manufactured in steel and, depending on the application, various surface coatings can be applied, including polyester, epoxy coating, natural rubber or hot-galvanisation with fitted zinc anodes for corrosion protection. The filter can also be supplied in stainless acid-proof EN 1.4404 steel.

The filter strainer has a maximized area for increased periods of operation, and the standard version is supplied with Ø3 mm, Ø6 mm, Ø8 mm and Ø10 mm filtration. The material is hot-galvanised steel or stainless acid-proof EN 1.4404 steel. Strainers of hot-galvanised steel can be fitted with zinc anodes for increased corrosion protection and therefore a longer life.

All filters are supplied with a ball-type air vent and an end cap or blanking flange at the drain.

The filters are to some extent used by shipyards as cooling water, sea water and bilge water filters where more stringent requirements for standard pressures and corrosion resistance, are made. The filters meet the requirements of all the recognised classification societies.

As an option zinc anodes can be fitted in housing and strainer.

Special versions with other surface coatings -including epoxy-coating and vulcanised natural rubber -can be made according to specifications from the customer and classification societies.

Other special versions with regard to building-in, capacity, pressure, etc. can be made in co-operation with our design department

Capacity 12 - 1512 m3/h
Filtration 2 - 10 mm
Pressure 10 bar
Applications Industry

Product Specifications


Capacity: (at a viscosity of 1 cSt)

*) Capacity in m³/h for filtration in Ø mm

Additional information


30 – 2000 µm


16 bar


4,5 – 243 m3/h

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